Minds Journal


Mental health A to Z

Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Take care of your mind, it’s the only place where you truly live. Learn all important topics about mental health.

Books and Publications

Reading gives more life! We are providing books, published work of great psychologists and allied fields. Our aim is to foster, advance and disseminate psychological information. To help us accomplish this, we not only publish journals but also provide our members with free and discounted access to journals and journal papers.



We provide wellbeing workshops, from yoga to multiple treatments, to help you make the most of your time away from the workplace.


Our monthly podcast features interviews with a lot of interesting mental health figures, including individuals who have encountered struggles with mental health, activists, and experts on mental health.

Quiz on mental health

We are committed to linking people worried about their psychological condition to medically-reviewed quizzes.


Our workshops seek to raise understanding of sound mental health, it’s possible to reach and effect in our everyday lives, to counter current mental illness assumptions, etc.


Our conference serves as the focal point for bringing world-renowned scientists under one roof while engaging with your expertise on the latest innovation and development in the fields of mental health.

Online discussion group

Our Online forums can be used for many purposes, such as engaging students in a discussion about mental health, discussing important mental health issues etc.