This section has all psychological disorders and topics with the letter C. These topics can include Child development, Chronic Illness, Confirmation Bias, Covid 19, Caffeine Addiction, Catatonic Schizophrenia and others

Capgras Delusion

Capgras Delusion

Capgras delusion is a psychological condition where a person has an irrational belief that someone they know has been replaced by an imposter. It is categorized as a delusional misidentification syndrome. What Is Capgras Delusion? Capgras Delusion is a psychiatric condition where a person holds a delusion that their loved …

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Chronomentrophobia is an unusual, irrational and intense fear of clocks, watches or timepieces. It is related to Chronophobia or the fear of time and can result in severe anxiety and panic. What Is Chronomentrophobia? The term Chronomentrophobia is derived from the Greek word “chrono” meaning time, Latin word “ment” meaning …

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Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is characterized by issues with memory, language, thinking, or judgment. It is a gradual process and can become more permanent with time. What Is Cognitive Decline? Cognitive decline is a condition characterized by a decline in cognitive functions related to thinking, memory, language and judgment. Cognitive skills play …

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Cognitive Dissonance

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance (CD) takes place when multiple conflicting cognitions contradict one another leading to feelings of mental discomfort. Such cognitions may involve thought patterns, beliefs, attitudes, ideas & behaviors. What Is Cognitive Dissonance (CD)? It refers to the mental conflict and discomfort that occurs from having conflicting and contradictory attitudes, …

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy technique that can help people to cope with various mental health conditions by changing the way they think and behave. Numerous studies have found CBT to be highly effective. What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type …

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