This section involves all psychological disorders and topics starting with the letter N. These topics include Nail bitting, Narcissism, Negative thinking, Neuropsychology, necrophobia, and others



Necrophobia is a condition characterized by an irrational fear of dead things or corpses as well as things that are associated with death. What Is Necrophobia? “Necrophobia is a type of specific phobia characterized by an unreasonable and unjustifiable fear of dead things and things associated with death such as …

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Treatment for Nightmare Disorder

nightmare disorder

Recurring nightmares can often be caused by nightmare disorder. When left untreated, frequent and severe dysphoric dreams can lead to sleep disturbances and affect your mood, behavior and daily functioning. Seeking treatment for nightmares can help cope with negative effects and improve your overall well being. Understanding Nightmare Disorder Nightmares …

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Causes Of Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare disorder is a mental health condition characterized by severe dysphoric, terrifying and well-remembered dreams resulting in abrupt awakenings. The disorder may be caused by various factors like stress, trauma, genetics and other comorbid conditions. What Is Nightmare Disorder? Nightmares are disturbing or upsetting dreams that may be caused or …

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Nightmare disorder is a psychiatric condition marked by repeated, extremely vivid and distressing nightmares. Although nightmares are common, some individuals can have frequent well-remembered nightmares that can affect their sleep and waking life. When left untreated, nightmares can affect the mental and physical well being of a person. What Is …

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